Primeiros passos para o seu futuro profissional

If you're a student and you're soon to complete your university degree, an internship is an excellent opportunity for growth. Enel organizes internships to serve as an excellent starting point for developing a rounded and technical skill set that's useful for entering the world of work

Uma experiência educativa para um primeiro gostinho do mundo do trabalho

The internships are aimed at students enrolled on university degree and master's courses, and in some cases the students can earn credits that will count towards their degree.

A typical internship lasts between 4 and 6 months, enabling students to gain valuable experience in a dynamic and constantly evolving environment. During the internship you will be supported by a company mentor, whose role is to ensure an effective learning experience that will help you develop and discover your talents. This experience will also strengthen the kind of soft skills that the company looks for in its employees - like working in a team, leadership skills, finding solutions - and will also help you develop a digital, sustainable and innovative mindset.